Married seeking married Wall

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But Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton did. Speed, 34, a content creator, and Mr. Hamilton, 29, an A. The idea is to put up some barriers in an effort to break down the barriers we all face in dating, the foremost being appearances. It did.

Two couples got married, including Ms. Speed and Mr. Hamilton, who tied the knot in November But even if love is blind, a reality show is pretty opaque. I called up the couple to hear more about their experience. What were you doing before the show? Lauren : I was pretty much throwing myself into my business.

Married seeking married Wall

I was almost ready to give up on being in a relationship or married. But when the opportunity came along for the show, I was intrigued. Lo and behold, I lucked out. Did either of you try dating apps? How did you end up on the show?

Lauren: I tried the dating app thing one or two times and it freaked me out. I was afraid to find someone and meet up with them and them be a serial killer or something. I was liking the pictures but then I was basically ignoring everything else and so I was basically being shallow in how I was conducting my dating life and was feeling quite lonely as a consequence of that.

I Married seeking married Wall reached out to by a casting agent. Lauren: A casting agent slid into my DMs. I went through the whole application process, had to do Skype interviews, multiple Skype interviews. Also, they had to do a psych evaluation. What was it like when you first got there?

Lauren: It was pretty much like a group mingling, with the women on one side of the wall and the men on the other. We got to know each other, talked about the things that we were looking for.

Married seeking married Wall

When it was time to go on our dates in the pods, each date was probably about seven minutes long. Cameron: As time went on, the dates got progressively longer. We went on progressively fewer dates overall because you were just kind of focusing in on who you were most interested in.

Really from the start, we were dating probably 16 hours a day, multiple dates a day. Did either of you have feelings for other people? Lauren: We did make connections with other people, however it was more from a friendship vibe. Up until close to the end, I went on dates continuously with Mark, Damian, and Carlton but after a certain point, after you connect with someone like Cameron and I connected kind of early on, you just kind of talk about the friendships with these people.

But like Lauren said, it was all very platonic. We would talk about the other person who they were interested in and I talked a lot about Lauren with Jess. She would talk about Barnett and Mark with me. That was just kind of how the dates went.

Lauren: I wanted Married seeking married Wall share that with him. Really, I wanted to see how he would react. But I just threw it out there just to see what would happen and he reciprocated it and I pretty much melted after that.

Married seeking married Wall

I mean, it was over. It was over. A lot of times, the conversations that we see on reality shows are about the relationship and not really about the specifics of who the people are. What did you guys talk about in the pods?

Married seeking married Wall

Lauren: We really bonded certainly on our love for our family. We both want to have children in the future. Cameron: Both kind of extroverted introverts. We balance each other out in that respect and kind of boost each other respectively. Married seeking married Wall you know what you would say when you got to the altar and were you able to communicate that with each other beforehand?

Or was that a part of the show? Lauren: I was pretty much kind of nervous all the way up until I got to the altar. In the back of my mind, I know that I really wanted to marry Cameron but I was scared. Of course I knew that I wanted to continue this relationship with this man.

It seemed like some of the other cast members were blindsided. Were you directed to not reveal what your decision was? Lauren: We had the power to do whatever we wanted to. We were free to talk to each other up until the wedding because we had a little break in between the bachelor and bachelorette parties and the wedding.

Cameron: Yeah, absolutely no one was forced to do anything at all. We all knew what we ed up for, people could walk away if they wanted to.

Married seeking married Wall

There was no restrictions like that or producer involvement. Cameron: I think a lot of people felt conflicted up until they got up there. Lauren: Throughout the process, I kind of had an inkling of who was doing well and who was having serious struggles. Race was discussed quite a bit in the show about your journey. What kinds of issues have come up, if any, since you got together?

Married seeking married Wall

I was teaching Cameron about our hair and twist outs and braids and all that stuff. Me, on the other hand, things are kind of more new for me than for him. We live in the South, so a lot of old ideals still resonate with some of the people down there, especially the older people.

Married seeking married Wall

Lauren, you spoke about things that are specific about black culture. Has anything surprised you about living with a white person? Mincemeat pies. Lauren, has Cameron ever used your toothbrush? Cameron: Only in an emergency. Lauren: Oh god babe, no.

I saw that you guys just started your YouTube channel together. Are you trying to monetize this? Cameron: Right. Sparks needs food.

Married seeking married Wall

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