Mwm looking for you to chat with

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Tinder is more like a bastardization of Grindr made mostly for straight people.

Mwm looking for you to chat with

Grindr was the first gay geosocial smartphone app. There were many to follow. You can elect to describe yourself as much or as little as you choose. And yes, they do. Many gay men online know exactly how much they weigh and exactly how tall they are. Oftentimes, thanks to porn and other forms of media, gay men have a very clear picture of what they should look like. Somehow it was instilled in us that we should strive to be the paragon of male fitness. Thus, many guys feel self-conscious about their weight.

This le to the aforementioned lying and the inevitable disappointment that comes from it. While Grindr can be great, it also perpetuates countless stereotypes that the gay community has been trying for decades to cast off. Tribes are an excellent representation of this. So, essentially from the beginning, you cast yourself into a stereotype and sort through other guys by their self-defined stereotypes. It just seems so horribly inaccurate.

Mild 2 wild can u handle iT? The drug of choice for many guys seems to be methamphetamine.

Mwm looking for you to chat with

The drug can be smoked, snorted or injected. Whatever floats your boat. Scroll through, and you will find countless attractive torsos that have been eerily cropped at the neck. All of this obviously sexual energy makes chatting on Grindr something otherworldly. You can filter through the guys that appear on your grid by age and aforementioned tribe. This le to some very interesting situations, like some year-old dude who delicately ignores your request to only talk to people under His approach may or may not include sending you pictures of his erect penis.

The audacity is fascinating. Aside from guys who want to show you their cocks and pray that you will blow them, conversation on Grindr can be pretty civil. You see a guy who seems like a chiller. You chat him up. Maybe you guys have some mutual interests. Maybe both of you are actually just looking to go grab coffee with someone and see where things go. While Grindr is a huge platform for all sorts of crazy mansex, most guys are actually just looking for a friend or simple validation that other gay men do exist.

Grindr provides a very simple and fairly discreet way to do this. You can hide as much or as little as you want. So go ahead, let that guy you find cute blow you and see if you like it. And hey, you might like it more than you thought you would. This is why Grindr is great. Guys from all over the sexuality spectrum get online to explore what they actually want from this app.

So what if you want to have crazy, multi-day orgies? The wants are diverse. Some guys want to snort coke off your dick. Some guys just want to go get coffee.

Mwm looking for you to chat with

Some guys are looking for a friend with whom they can play video games and exchange blowies. Some guys want to shoot up meth and get pissed on. Your health is the only thing keeping you alive. Yes, it is extraordinarily difficult to meet guys interested in guys living in a city as repressed as Colorado Springs. Sure, it plays on many insecurities and problems in the gay community, but it also provides us with opportunities completely unthinkable in heterosexual society. There are interested guys just a swipe and tap away, hiding in your pocket. Go find whatever you want.

As for me, I have no fucking clue what I want. Get Involved. An exploration of the gay "dating" app Article and illustration by Nick Morales. Newer Post Uncensoring Voices.

Mwm looking for you to chat with

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