Words with friends anybody

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In an age of mediocrity, mischief, and mistrust, our tendency, rightly or wrongly, is to assume that anyone breaking away from the pack whether busting the bell curve, making too much money, or scoring incredibly high in WWF must surely be cheating. After getting my third post on this site from someone condemning or accusing players who posted impressive boards, I decided to see what a regulated Scrabble tournament board looks like. Here is the winning board from the UK Scrabble Championship in Now, to the skeptics out there, I issue you this challenge of intellectual honesty: If you were to see these words in a Words With Friends game, would you forthrightly accuse your opponent of cheating?

Analysis of exotic words provided by The Daily Mall here. Keep in mind that Scrabble championships are carried out with strict rules and oversight. I cannot prove whether or not a WWF player is using outside help.

Words with friends anybody

Better, I think, to leave unstated any suspicion in the absence of incontrovertible evidence of cheating. Started playing WWF in scoring low until last year that I had improved ificantly. I have read WWFs blogs and I have learned a lot playing with really good opponents.

However I was questioned by one with whom I have played many games. Others have asked me the meaning of words that I use. Why should I? Can Improve they cheat?

Words with friends anybody

Have been playing scrabble for over 50 years. Now addicted to WWF. Here is how I play. Never use a cheat website, do guess at words and am often surprised by a new vocabulary word. Then I look it up to increase my brain power.

Words with friends anybody

I do steal creative words from an opponent, but usually use words from my working vocabulary. I never worry about ranking, but love to be challenged by smart people. If you play this way, invite me : jmae The laws of statitistics say that cant happen. This can only be explained by an algorythm in my opinion. Peter, there are no laws of statistics.

Words with friends anybody

Only concepts and principles. The most important one is that the improbable can and will happen. You would expect a bingo in one in seven openers, but someone, somewhere could get one every hand. Play hundreds of hands and the probability of the improbable goes down and you might then suspect hanky panky.

Actually I think I have proved it for myself. Playing with one particular person who is admittedly a little bit better than I am and we are both very very good. I find that as the game progresses she gets Words with friends anybody better opportunities. So I can be or more points ahead of her about halfway through the game and she can still beat me. This happened so many times that it does not seem likely that it is caused by chance.

At one point I changed my name and for many many games the outcomes were equal about or her win. But now the suspected algorithm seems to have caught up with that too and she has won five games in a row catching up with me from way behind! Also the game accepts her illegal words like proper nouns or abbreviations but not mine. Whether or not —This is a really crappy game. The words seem to have been approved by individuals for whom English is the third and very inadequate language. Many of my really excellent words which are in the dictionary are not allowed.

There is no customer responsiveness at all. If you found a way to Change or Alter your rack of letters to serve your nefarious purposes, that would be a different thing altogether. I have been accused of cheating and nothing pisses me off more I am honest to a fault and often wont get players challenging me because I have a word average of almost I agree. Happen to move on a game or two and see the chance to play EE myself.

Lo and behold. Not acceptable. I have screen shots of both games. Feel very cheated. Click on your opponent to see which language they play with to see which dictionary is being used for your game. I hope this helps. Anybody out there want to talk about how insane the allowed and disallowed words are in this game? They defy their own rules with their dictionary, which I assume must be being written by a room full of monkeys.

Why are misspellings of words allowed? This is infuriating as well as confusing. Why are words allowed that are not in any dictionary — and are admittedly undefined by WWF? I do not mind enlarging my vocabulary but I need a definition in order to do so. Then I played Waugh and their own definition is this: 1. English novelist 2. English literary critic 3. Words with friends anybody novelist son of Artuhur 4. US painter and illustrator.

Words with friends anybody

Am more put off by the ridiculous cheats that go on. The minute someone starts using their bizarre cheating words I just re. No fun and no skill in that sort of behaviour. I have played a few people that I suspected of cheating because their word play got much better and they were playing a higher level of exotic words than before.

That being said, I cannot be sure; I might have just been jealous of their incredible word knowledge. It is impossible to know for sure if they are cheating. If you suspect a cheat stop playing them. I however believe the article is right, most complainants are just used to mediocrity. If an opponent is replying Words with friends anybody less than 30 seconds with a bingo AND using letters I just played, I need no other evidence of cheating.

It is impossible for an opponent to reply that quickly using letters I just played for a 7 letter word. One opponent who did this said he was studying the board while it was my turn. No problem. But how did he know what word I was going to play or what letters I had? Actually very good players will know as soon as they get their tiles what words they can form. I am very good but my brother runs circles around me because he plays tournaments and knows every word. I have been a lifetime Scrabble player and now a consistent WWF player and as soon as I have my tiles I start arranging my word possibilities.

Not all instant bingos are cheats but I do believe there are some people out there cheating on the regular. Also, some people are actually great spellers, have a medical background or are avid readers. I have been accused of cheating when I first ed on, but I re-assured my players I was adamantly not doing so How can you do this anyway with a WFF app or not?. Wrong Don. Watch a Scrabble tournament in action with timed play. I hate when pedestrian players accuse me of cheating!

Words with friends anybody

I am an avid Words With Friends player as well as being a Mensa-eligible former gifted child with a very, very large vocabulary. I have never cheated in the way you describe, nor have I seen others doing so. Every time I question the legitimacy of a word, I look it up — and have never failed to find it.

I have an above-average vocabulary and do not mind if someone uses a word that I do not know. I agree with Vee. In my opinion it depends on the expectations and morals of the player. If both use help online or a dictionaryit is fine. It is cheating if one person violates the rules both parties agreed on.

Games have rules. All games must have rules. The thing is, the rules need a ghost of a chance of being enforced. Scrabble has been used as the exemplar here against the seemingly outlaw nature of WWF. WWF has no rules, per se. It was never meant to. It cannot and should not be done. Scrabble and Words With Friends, in my opinion are 2 totally different games that just happen to look and feel exactly like each other.

WWF is not the same game as scrabble. Makes it interesting. It still takes study and strategy to place tiles. I agree with that. I am pretty good at WWF my word average is over 27 and game average around I used to play all the best word combinations, even if they were ridiculous words that no real person would know.

But I quickly decided that I would only play the words I knew, or at least had heard of. The two games are different. I was told today playing the word Zep was cheating. The word has been Words with friends anybody in games I have played by other opponents. An accepted word in words with friends. Abbr for Zeppelin.

Words with friends anybody

I have been enjoying playing but I am not a cheat. I have now blocked this player. How to spot a cheat? Happens to me multiple times a week on WWF. Idk bout the small one tho. I find people spend far too much energy on an unproveable fact. If I play someone whom after a couple of plays I suspect is using an anagram site, than I use one too. On the other hand, with people I know in real life, I never use the anagram site.

I always begin with a new player using no outside help.

Words with friends anybody

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